Steven G. Safran, MD, PA

Dr. Steven G. Safran, Eye Physician and Surgeon

132 Franklin Corner Road, Suite A-1
Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648
Phone: +1-609-373-2020

Steven G. Safran, MD, PA is an American Board Certified, fellowship-trained Cornea Specialist. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding a wide variety of eye diseases and is particularly adept at treating patients with delicate or complicated conditions.

Dr. Safran’s office located in Lawrenceville, NJ is a state-of-the-art facility, offering the latest technological advances in diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders.

Dr. Safran was the first surgeon in Mercer County to perform no-stitch, no-patch cataract surgery with no needles (eyedrops only anesthesia). He is an experienced cornea specialist with unique expertise in anterior segment reconstruction and lens related problems, as well as an experienced Lasik surgeon with fellowship cornea training.

He uses the latest digital video eye imaging equipment for patient education and was one of the first surgeons in the state performing “no stitch” cornea transplant surgery (DSAEK). Dr. Safran is also a well-known lecturer on the subject of premium lenses and complicated cataract surgery.

Dr. Steven G. Safran with a patientFeatured Services

  • Cataract surgery with Crystalens®, Restor® Tecnis® Multifocal, Acrysof® Toric and other premium lens implants
  • Laser Vision Correction - PRK & Lasik
  • Crystalens “Center of Excellence”
  • Repair of Intraocular Lens related problems
  • Cornea Transplant Surgery
  • Glaucoma Treatment & Surgery
  • Laser Eyelid Surgery
  • Dry Eye / Ocular Surface Treatment
  • Diabetic Eye Treatments
  • One of New Jersey’s first high-definition optical coherence Tomography Laser systems for early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma and retina problems
  • One of the first infrared biometry devices for determining the implant power in cataract surgery with unprecedented accuracy


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